JENEXT EMPLOYER CARD is A Lifetime validity product which will Empower the EMPLOYERs be it a Small Enterprise or a Large Corporate with a Simplified Hiring Solution and provides access to the host of Manpower Facilitation Services provided by JENEXT

Advantages of Buying JENEXT EMPLOYERCARD and Subscribing to JENEXT Services :

  • By buying a JENEXT EMPLOYER Access at an Ultra low One time Cost, the Employer can choose candidates Whenever they want, from wherever they want, however they want and how many ever they want without any limitations whatsoever for the entire LIFETIME of their Organisation.
  • The Unique last mile approach of JENEXT gives seamless access to Verified candidate profiles, who are Non Internet Savvy, Non English Speaking, Rural Work force of any level, from labourers to Senior Executives, from Fresher's to Vastly Experienced, for Employment as Permament Employees, Interns, Freelancers or as Part timer as per their requirement.
  • Through JENEXT ultra-dynamic PICK&POST algorithms and AI based engines the EMPLOYERs get instant notifications of Suitable Candidates for the JOBs posted by them thus Phenomenally reducing the Hiring time.
  • JENEXT CAREER CENTRES, a On-Ground Employer & Job Seeker Direct Interaction Facilitation Mechanism, provides host of Value added services to Employers like conducting JobFairs, Walkin Interviews, Video Interviews, Remote Training, Candidate Assessment Systems, Verification Services, etc., to name a Few, which can be availed by the Employers at Near Zero costs.